Benefits of Goat Milk

Do you have your skin care products down to a T? Or are you always in search for that new perfect combination? Either way, its time you met one of the most unexpected skin care ingredients that will forever change your daily routine: Goat Milk.

Goat milk is perfect for all skin types and has multiple benefits including:

  • Deep Moisturising
  • It nourishes and revitalizes
  • Reduces acne and helps repair skin
  • Helps prevent fine lines

    "High-quality goat milk products contain fats that can gently hydrate the skin and may be helpful for people with dry and sensitive skin”. - Dr. Jennifer Vickers, a dermatologist at Sanova Dermatology in Texas.

    Why is it so amazing?  Goat milk has vitamin C, B, E and A, which helps with repairing damaged skin and controlling acne. It also has selenium, which is a mineral that can help in protecting the skin from sun exposure. Add Alpha Hydroxy Acids to the list, which can help remove dead skin cells for a more glowing and rejuvenating feeling.

    The list goes on and on…

    …Now imagine combining Goat Milk’s benefit properties with CBD’s. Our Goat Milk Lotion combines the renowned properties of goat milk with the relaxing and anti-inflammatory qualities of CBD. Scented with essential oils to promote a sense of calm, boost wellness, and soothe even the most sensitive skin types.

    Revolutionize your skincare routine now with our Goat Milk Lotion.


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